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This course is for the mom who is tired, overwhelmed, and unsure if she is doing it right. After this course you will: **Feel better about yourself as a mom.* *Find creative ways to nurture yourself.* *Have more ideas to help you build connection and manage frustration.* *Recognize how to manage emotional outbursts and tough behaviors.* *Improve communication with your children and your partner.* *Discover you are not alone in your feelings and challenges.* *Know that YOU CAN DO THIS!**

Mothering in a Pandemic is Really Tough!

This course will help you feel better in these trying times.

  • 1

    Moms in Real Life--Before, During and After COVID19

  • 2

    The Myth of "Doing it All"

  • 3

    Screen Time/Scream Time

    • What the heck do we do with the kids?

    • Screen Time/Scream Time Powerpoint Presentation

    • Some Creative Art Ideas from Tesni Stephens

  • 4

    Self-Care and Support Systems

    • Remembering the Oxygen Mask

    • Self-Care and Support Systems Powerpoint Presentation

    • Mother's Day Meditation

    • Conversation with Nick Kasovac, International Speaker and Founder of the DAD project.

  • 5

    Summing it up and staying connected

    • Thank you!

    • Resources

    • How'd we do?

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Meet the Mother-Daughter Team!

Authenticity Architect

Patti Ashley

Dr. Patti Ashley, psychotherapist, best-selling author, coach and international speaker brings a unique heart-centered approach into healing shame, trauma, grief, parenting, relationship struggles, divorce, stress, anxiety, and depression. Her Authenticity Architect Coaching model creates long-term changes in the brain and nervous system, breaking through barriers to emotional freedom and personal growth, empowering authentic self-love, emotional safety, self-worth, and emotional well-being. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Ashley has counseled myriad individuals, couples, families and groups, and developed continuing education courses for physicians, hospital wellness programs, schools, universities, and organizations. She is the author of Living in the Shadow of the Too-Good Mother Archetype (2014), Letters to Freedom (2019), and Shame-Informed Therapy: The Art and Architecture of Reconstructing the Authentic Self (scheduled for release in June 2020).

School Psychologist

Elizabeth Ashley Herman

Elizabeth is a school psychologist, behavior specialist, parent educator, and mother of two. Through her personal and professional experience, she has learned that parenting is the hardest and most important thing we will ever do. It takes a physical, mental, and spiritual toll. We choose whether that journey tears us down or lifts us up to become a better version of ourselves. Some days it may do a little of both. When we show up and connect with our children in an authentic way, we are laying the foundation for a lifetime of meaningful connection. Elizabeth works with parents of young children who want to feel more confident in their parenting. She offers individual and group parenting support through virtual and in-person workshops and one on one parent coaching. www.elizabethashleyherman.com