Authenticity Architect

Patti Ashley

Dr. Patti Ashley, psychotherapist, best-selling author, coach and international speaker brings a unique heart-centered approach into healing shame, trauma, grief, parenting, relationship struggles, divorce, stress, anxiety, and depression. Her Authenticity Architect Coaching model creates long-term changes in the brain and nervous system, breaking through barriers to emotional freedom and personal growth, empowering authentic self-love, emotional safety, self-worth, and emotional well-being. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Ashley has counseled myriad individuals, couples, families and groups, and developed continuing education courses for physicians, hospital wellness programs, schools, universities, and organizations. She is the author of Living in the Shadow of the Too-Good Mother Archetype (2014), Letters to Freedom (2019), and Shame-Informed Therapy: The Art and Architecture of Reconstructing the Authentic Self (scheduled for release in June 2020).

Go In, Not Out

Finding Deeper Parts Of Yourself During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • 1

    Introduction to GO IN ~ NOT OUT

  • 2

    Mystics without Monasteries in the Pandemic

    • Are you being called to go inward?

    • What is a Mystic without a Monastery? Video Lesson

    • Mystics without Monasteries ~ Powerpoint

    • Mindfulness Meditation ~ Dancing in the Rain

  • 3

    What is the resistance to "going in" ? The neurobiology of not being good enough

    • On Being a Nuff!

    • Kind People Are My Kind of People ~ Video Lesson Part 1

    • Kind People Are My Kind of People ~ Video Lesson Part 2

    • The Neurobiology of Not Being Good Enough ~ Powerpoint

    • The Other Invisible Monster

    • Mindfulness Meditation ~ Treasures Under the Sea

  • 4

    Reconstructing the authentic self.

    • The REAL YOU!

    • Reconstructing the Authentic Self ~ Video Lesson

    • The Art and Architecture of Reconstructing the Authentic Self ~ Powerpoint

    • Mindfulness Meditation ~ Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot

    • Imagination & Dreams with Billie Ortiz

  • 5

    Joy in the Journey

    • Joy in the Journey ~ Video

    • A few of my favs!!

    • One more thing before you go...

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